Have you ever seen a movie with one of those scenes of an older adult doing slow, concentrated movements that look kind of like dance? Most likely - it seems like it’s a bit of a common choice for writers/directors when they’re trying to imply some kind of Eastern Mysticism, wisdom, and health practice. You may not know much past the movie scene though so why don’t we break this down a bit._MG_2487A copy

Tai Chi originates in China and comes from the concept of Wu Chi, otherwise known as “the Grand Ultimate Space,” where “nothing exists yet the potential for everything is contained.” Tai Chi is then the “journey from stillness to movement.” What an incr...

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If I were to ask you to search for a picture of a person practicing yoga, or for articles on the practice of yoga, who and what do you think you would see? Chances are you would see what appears to be a white, slender, fit, female and you would find information on "yoga workouts" and "de-stressing with yoga." In other words, a cultural appropriation of yoga.


You may or may not be aware of yoga's foundation and original purpose and the ways in which the West has appropriated a deeply cultural practice with serious spiritual underpinnings. Whether you fit the description above or not, we all must be aware of the ways that we participate in and potentially abuse cultural practices that may not h...

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With the seemingly millions of self-care and healing practices going in and out of mainstream popularity birthed from and housed in community and cultural practices within which you may or may not identify, it can be very difficult to keep up, let alone figure out what’s right for you. So let’s start to break down a few of these practices over the next several posts. Let’s start with dance.Dancing

Sweet Water Dance & Yoga offers Capoeira, hip hop, tap, ballet, modern, belly dance, samba, Orisha, pole, and Bharathanatyam - all for adults, many for kids. Dance does many things for us; here are just 4:

1. Physical: Some western medical practitioners have researched various creative and...

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When you first walk in to SWDY, the immediate feeling is that you've walked into a home, not an individual's home but one that belongs to the entire community. There are recently abandoned toys on the floor and a fort built on one of the plush couches by whichever child happened to be around. Behind the desk is the friendly face of someone who may work or volunteer at SWDY or who is perhaps just frequently around and happens to be chipping in at the moment. That spirit of flexibility and contribution is one of the key components of making SWDY feel the way that it does - people stick around just because and in the process they have a hand in building a home for the community. To your left yo...

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Coming Soon! The GRAND OPENING of Sweet Water Dance and Yoga in the Bronx! Stay tuned for more news and details of this exciting event!

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