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Thank you so much for taking the time to read about our mission to improve the lives of Bronx Kids. It is always a privilege to share our vision for our community, and we here at Bronx Kids Boogie are honored by your attention.


Health and wellness in the Bronx is in crisis. The Bronx has now been ranked dead last among New York’s sixty-two counties in health, wellness and quality of life indices by The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation… for 7 YEARS IN A ROW. That the Bronx is also among the youngest and poorest of NY counties, means that it is our most vulnerable citizens that are suffering: children in poverty. This is unacceptable to us! Read more HERE.


Last year, Sweet Water Dance & Yoga announced the Bronx Kids Boogie Initiative: Healthy Kids for a Healthy Bronx. Bronx Kids Boogie introduced and addressed the concepts of health, wellness and self-care to children of the South Bronx by way of three events held at local parks and community gardens. The events resulted in over 200 yoga mats being distributed to local Bronx Kids, and our messages of health and wellness being received by over 100 Bronx homes. You can see images HERE. As successful and joyous as these events were, we quickly realized that in order to effect the changes the Bronx so desperately needs will require more than just blood pressure and weight stations at health fairs. It will require developing a Bronx flavored culture of health and wellness from the babies up. A culture that values wellness, wholeness and healing developed by us, for us.


These realizations inspired us to create a curriculum tailored to address the issues at the root of the #not62 campaign. The result is the Roots & Rivers Cultural Arts Program which now runs as both a year round weekend program and a six week summer intensive. The core values of the program are mindfulness and stewardship: mindfulness in our every day, and stewardship over our health, our community and our environment. It is now well documented that the experience of poverty creates a state of pervasive stress that makes mindfulness and healing secondary, and us more likely to make undesirable choices for our lives.

What our community needs is mindfulness, movement and self-awareness. In our year round program, children participate in 5 substantive movement classes including age appropriate yoga, tap, ballet, hip hop, capoeira, bharathanatyam and 5 empowering mini modules on topics such as self-care (exploring questions such as “Why do I feel this way?”, “When was the last time I drank water?”, “What was the last thing I ate?”, and “What do I need to feel my best?”), financial literacy, nutrition and issues affecting our Bronx community and environment. Learn more about our weekend programming on our website by clicking HERE.

This summer marked the first edition of our Summer Cultural Arts Program. In this program, participants were led through a six week intensive focusing on four concentration areas: Community & Environment, Mindful Movement, Fine Arts and Applied Skills which culminated in the publication of the group’s poetry chapbook, and a Summer Recital & Art Show of their own production. It was amazing what kids are capable of when properly supported and valued by their community. The program was a resounding success, and the lives of 15 Bronx families were deeply impacted by the substance and culture of this program. Parents report that they were surprised to find Windex has been replaced with a natural homemade glass cleaning solution, and at least five homes have started composting their organic waste. We could not be prouder. Check out our Facebook page HERE for pictures of our summer adventures.


It is our vision that we can change these statistics and what they say about us by empowering our kids both in their own skin and in the environment just beyond. Our mission is to continue to refine our curriculum and programming, and with the help of impact studies conducted by the appropriate partners in Public Health, identify those practices that will not only propel us out of last place, but take us straight to the top of the list. Anthony Robbins once said that “your deepest pain is your greatest gift if you learn how to use it.” We believe the Bronx can rise from the stubborn ashes of neglect as a brilliant phoenix to lead in healing poor communities and creating cultures of wellness. Future programming already under development includes a Mommy University delivering a holistic program supporting preconception and pregnancy through birth and the first two years of life. We hope you will see the value in the work we are doing and choose to support!

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Healthy Kids for a Healthy Bronx!


A comprehensive movement & arts program for kids ages 2 thru 12, with added enrichment content, every Saturday from 12 Noon to 5 PM. Babies ages 2 - 4 years old receive instruction in yoga and basic movement, while Kids ages 5 through 12 receive instruction in five separate disciplines delivered by engaging, talented instructors with excellent and established credentials. All classes are 45 - 60 minutes long, and followed by 15 minutes of additional content in personal development areas such as Mindfulness Training, Financial Literacy, Nutrition, Conflict Resolution and Environmental Responsibility delivered by DOE Certified Teachers.

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Mommy University:
a curriculum supporting today's Bronx Moms & tomorrow's Bronx kids!

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