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Wellness & Arts for our Littlest Ohmies

A comprehensive movement & arts program for kids ages 2 thru 12, with added enrichment content, delivered every Saturday from 10:00A to 4:30P.


BABIES AGES 2 - 4 years old receive instruction in yoga and basic dance movement, while KIDS AGES 5 through 12 receive instruction in four separate disciplines including YOGA, BALLET, HIP HOP and now, LATIN DANCE.

Our movement classes are all delivered by engaging, talented instructors with excellent and established credentials. Each class is 45 - 60 minutes long, and the full day program includes a healthy snack break, and a 30 minute wellness class delivering lessons in personal development areas such as Self Awareness & Mindfulness Training, Environmental Responsibility, Financial Literacy, Nutrition, and Conflict Resolution.

Roots & Rivers Kids are referred to as Stewards, as our programming seeks to encouraging environmental awareness, and a sense of stewardship over their health, the environment, and their community.



Wanna have a great time with us?  Here is what you need to know: 

Be sure to have a good lunch before class on Saturday. Healthy snacks are served (free of charge) at 145P.  We want to make sure you have plenty of fuel to burn for Ballet & Hip Hop classes. 

LET'S BE GREEN!  While water is available for sale, we encourage Stewards to bring their own reusable water bottle. We will refill it with filtered water as necessary.  

Wear leggings, yoga or other lightweight pants for classes. Dress in layers. No jeans or boots.

Keep in mind:

· The studio is a shoe free environment,

· Ballet requires ballet slippers.  We have some you can borrow.

· Hip Hop requires sneakers.

· Dance/Character shoes are suggested for Latin Dance.   

Drop Off/Pick Up Policy

Children ages 5 & up may be dropped off subject to approval.  Once the child is comfortable in the space, the Program Coordinator will approve children for drop off/pick up. Parents can then drop off the child at the studio shortly before the first class, and pick them back up at 430P. Until then, parents are required to stay in the studio with their children.

SWDY, nor its staff, are authorized to administer medication to program participants. Parents of children requiring medications will be asked to stay to care for their children in case the child becomes ill.

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