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Lorraine Melendez, Usui/Karuna Reiki Master

"Is it possible to quiet the mind? How can you better handle the daily stress of everyday life?

How can you have the ability to center and calm yourself so that you are not reacting to people and situations around you but can be proactive? 

I believe that we have a responsibility to take charge of our health and wellness. I believe that finding the tools and methods that empower us to find ways that truly benefit our body, mind and soul is our right, and 

Reiki is the way.

I experienced a spiritual awakening at a very young age, and have since been on a life-long journey of spiritual discovery, including cross-disciplinary studies in alternative healing methods.  I was introduced to Reiki in 1995 after reading All Women are Healers by Diane Stein.  Since the universe provides what we need when we are ready for it, I met my first Reiki Master.  Once I had my first treatment and experienced Reiki energy, I knew I needed to learn this valuable technique. I completed Reiki Levels 1 & 2 in 1995. Certain I wanted to advance my training, and wanting to share what Reiki had made possible for me, I received Reiki Master Teaching training in 2010, and in 2015, I received Karuna Reiki Master training. 

Today, I am a certified Usui /Karuna Reiki Master Teacher, and am proud to offer my treatment services here at Sweet Water Dance & Yoga.  I am trained to detect, treat and alleviate problems of energy flow on the physical, emotional and spiritual level, boosting the body’s natural ability to heal.  I have guided many people through healing processes, opening in them an awareness of their innate capacity for health and well being. 

In addition to providing Reiki treament, as a Reiki Master I am also empowered to attune practitioners seeking to learn this method themselves.  The true beauty of Reiki is that anyone can learn this valuable technique. I can teach you how to tap into this universal energy to help yourself and those you love.  I offer Reiki trainings and attunements two to three times per year at Sweet Water Dance & Yoga, and beyond.  


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